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Geomechanics and advanced geomodelling solutions for such challenges as wellbore instability, pore pressure modeling (from seismic and/or drilling data), 3D digital core preservation and analysis, real-time operations visualization & integrated operations, and geosteering

Increase drilling safety through validated well plans created with visualization software tools while incorporating pressure volumes to avoid geohazards

  • geohazard prevention

Mitigate shallow gas accident – keep the gas in the safest place, downhole

HP/HT? We got it covered with a 20,000psi 18 ¾” BOP

Abnormally high formation pressure - pore pressure modeling right from seismic; automated mud properties measurement and recording; we have worked hard to evolve region-specific pore pressure technology in the Gulf of Guinea, and we are not going to stop

Lost circulation - weak wellbore and marginal mud weight drilling; mud pump automatic pressure relief valve

Wellbore instabilities – formation rock stress identification and characterization; predicting and preventing wellbore instability using the latest technology

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Simplified solutions to complex challenges
Geomerit services
Geomechanics Pore pressure modeling 3D digital core preservation and analysis Real-time operation visualization Geosteering
Rock mechanical interactions with drillstring material components in three-dimensional dynamic modeling offer technological leap in ... We build pore pressure models right from seismic data (reflection, patented) and update them as data availability increases. Our unique and ... Big cylindrical cores are no longer in vogue. But what do you do if you’ve got them? Preserve them forever, digitally. Our digital core analysis  ...

Advanced ECD management with decision support and real-time simulations or full integrated operation drilling support system ...

We spare nothing at navigating the best spots - Azimuthal FE data, deep reading measurements, sonic/seismic-while-drilling, chemostratigraphic ...
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